Kobito の提供は終了しました。2017年12月27日にはユーザーサポートを終了します。
Kobito Help

About Kobito

Kobito is a Mac application archiving programming notes and code snippets.
Developed by Increments Inc.


Kobito has essential functions for archiving programming notes.

  • Note-taking with Markdown
  • Syntax highlighting for programming codes
  • Useful key bindings
  • Import and integration of external files

About Notes

Notes on Kobito consist of three elements below.

  • Title
  • Tag
  • Body


Titles are displayed on a list of notes. The first line of a body will be a title.


You can add tags to your notes for categorization, such as ruby or algorithm. Tag search is also possible.


You can use Markdown in a body, which enables easy applying of styles to your notes. The first line of a body will be treated as title.
Also, syntax highlighting can be used with ``` (three back quotes).
For more details about Markdown, please refer to Markdown Cheatsheet for Qiita and Markdown Cheatsheet.

Key bindings

  • J/K : Move to Next/Previous Item
  • O : Open Item in Edit Window
  • ⌘+N : New Item
  • ⌘+E : Edit
  • ⌘+F : Search
  • ⌘+S : Save
    • Files also will be saved when closing New/Edit window.
  • ⌘+Delete : Delete Item
  • ⌘+Z : Undo (e.g. Cancel file deletion)

Global keyboard shortcuts

Global keyboard shortcuts can be modified in Preferences.

  • ⌘+shift+K : New Item


⌘+F for searching notes. Search targets are title, body and tags.
When you want to narrow down a search only to a specific tag, specify the tag like tag:ruby.
e.g. tag:ruby file

Posting to Qiita

Notes on Kobito can be posted to Qiita with a single click.
Choose a note you want to post and click Post to Qiita button on the right-bottom corner. Tags are required when posting a note to Qiita.
You can choose whether your notes are posted publicly or privately to Qiita by using a checkbox to the left of post button.

Public Post

Public posts can be read by everyone.
You cannot make a public post private once it is posted publicly.

Private Post

Only those who know its URL can view a private post.
Private posts does not appear on search results at Qiita. You can share a private post with others by telling them its URL.
It is also possible to make a private post public later.

Posted notes are displayed with a globe/key icon as shown below. The globe icon indicates that the note is publicly shared, and the key icon indicates that the note is privately shared.

Import and integration of external files

You can import and integrate external files written in Markdown style. Changes you make will be synced between Kobito and the original file.
(When you make changes in an original file, changes will be applied in the corresponding note on Kobito and vice versa.)
To use the file integration function, choose "Link to File..." from "Item" menu and open files you want to integrate (Multiple selection is possible).

The first line of a file will be its title and following lines will be its body.

An example of a style recognized as a title:

  • Title
  • # Title