Kobito の提供は終了しました。2017年12月27日にはユーザーサポートを終了します。
Kobito Help

Kobito FAQ

Pressing ⇧+⌘+K opens Kobito window. Can I change a hotkey?

You can change a hotkey at a setting of Kobito.app.

I forgot my password for Kobito. Can you reissue my password?

Currently, we are dealing with such cases. Please contact support@qiita.com in case you forget your password. We will contact you later.

How can I tell demands to developers?

If you have any bug reports or demand for improvements, please inform us by following ways.

What terms of service and privacy policy of Kobito are like?

Terms of service of Qiita Inc. and Privacy policy are applied to Kobito. To use Kobito, you are required to sign up to Qiita run by Qiita Inc. Thus you are to agree with the terms of service when you sign up to Qiita.