Kobito の提供は終了しました。2017年12月27日にはユーザーサポートを終了します。

Comfortable typing experience with Markdown and Realtime preview

Kobito supports Markdown, which makes writing documents and programming codes, and decoration of texts possible with just text typing. Kobito also supports realtime preview, enabling you to view a result of Markdown in realtime. You can archive code snippets and notes at the same time with Kobito.

Recording code snippets in a readable form with Syntax Highlighting

By surrounding a code part with ```(backquotes), Kobito can record code snippets in a easy-to-read form without destroying indentation.

One click sharing of code

Seamless interaction with Qiita realized one-click sharing of code. You can post notes on Kobito to Qiita with just one click.

Editable from any editors you like

You can import files into Kobito and integrate them. Integrated files and notes on Kobito will be synced reciprocally.

Specialized in notetaking, fast and light application

Kobito is specialized in notetaking with Markdown and archiving of notes. Focused on minimal essential functions, Kobito is a very fast and light application.

Obsession to key bindings

You can control Kobito with key bindings without leaving your hands from a keyboard.

Categorization with tags

You can use tags to categorize your notes. Tag search is possible by attaching tags such as ruby and algorithm.